NEW RELEASE – The Hot First Night – Dallas Hotwives Club Part 1

Marcus and Willis are brothers of a young black genius starting his own startup. They uprooted their lives to support him, moving to Austin, becoming Vice Presidents of the startup and doing the best they can to help grow the little company. Along with them are 4 other black men who all moved to Austin. Marcus and Willis have planned a long weekend vacation with their staff, letting their youngest brother and CEO, Dwayne, have some time on his own to get ready for a big presentation for a well known investor.

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The Hidden Caverns: Book 1 of The Lost Civilization

Imagine a world without fear, where people no longer are frightened by past historic traumas that stop them from attaining new heights of glory, and have the capability to do more than they ever thought.

That’s the world that Mark Carson, CEO and Founder of a startup called Techiatry, wants to build. Amy London, a 20 year old, new intern, is finally getting a chance a paid opportunity by joining Techiatry. She’s excited that she can finally use her skills in biology while also being paid for an internship for once.

She, along with a large group of other new interns, are flown to a mysterious, unknown location, where the CEO has created one of the most secretive lab institutes in the world. There, she’s set to study a strange liquid that seems to have the capability to help people be more influenced by psychiatric help. Mixed along with researcher are other interns, who seem more focused on partying and living the start up life, something she’s not that interested in.

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Taming the Black Warrior

The second of many in this hot new series, The African Chronicles, Taming the Black Warrior!

Gwen can’t stop thinking about her incredibly passionate and pleasurable experience with the black tribesman that Ada introduced her to. The length and girth of his powerful manhood took her to places she had never known existed. Her lust has reached new levels and the fire in her loins grows hotter as each day passes in Africa. Ian is still trying to convince the Prince of his religious message and needs to stay longer than expected.

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The Visit

Kate and Joe have been living a bit of a mundane married life. Joe’s new manager Hugh has been putting more and more time consuming projects on his plate. He’s been leaving early and coming home late. Their levels of intimacy have been going downhill and lately, with Joe’s time being sucked up at work, it’s only been worse.

Joe’s college football friend, Roderick, is coming over during the weekend for a visit. He and Joe haven’t met since they graduated and he’s in town for business. Kate urges Joe to have a guy’s night out with Roderick.

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The Forsaken Deal – The Realms of War Side Quests

The Realms of War may have ended, but there are still more side quests that have tales to tell.

Catherine follows along her Captain’s lead into a mysterious cave. The rest of their forces remain outside as her Captain has something specific to show Catherine. When the two make their way deeper into the cave, they see a small light. Her Captain believes it is a small Horde camp that the two of them can take out.

When the Captain takes the lead and asks her to wait nearby, a Goblin surprises Catherine. She readies to attack him when a strong, sweet smell hits her. Her body trembles with anticipation and her eyes immediately dart to the small loincloth covering the Goblin’s crotch. The little monster’s long, hard member pokes out and Catherine can barely contain herself!

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The Alpha Boss

Sara Coxin presents The Alpha Boss:

Peter works as an executive assistant for Jordan, a highly successful vice president of information technology. The two have a good working relationship until their department is audited. Peter had asked for a reschedule of a meeting once, on behalf of Jordan, and the CFO chewed his boss out.

When Peter has to try and fit in a meeting request from audit in the next week and he’s clueless as to what he can do. Jordan’s calendar is fully packed with meetings that were sent months in advance. Peter knows that if he asks to move out the audit meeting outside of the two weeks they requested, that Jordan would most likely be reamed out by the CFO again.

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Pleasing the Ogre – The Realms of War Side Quests

The Realms of War may have ended, but there are still more side quests that have tales to tell.

Ariana, a soldier of the remnants from a village named Relve, tries to keep her survivors safe from the Horde that roams the lands. As the sun sets and darkens the skies, fires sprout from the smoldering remains and a strange scent fills the air.

She heads out to follow the scent, her body moving on its own until she sees a small fire pit nearby. The ground trembles near her and she hears voices in the distance. Quickly hiding behind some bushes, she contemplates her next move.

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Quieting the Black Beast

A story that came to mind while I was writing the One Wild Night series. Almost a spin-off but became its own.

Brandy, a lonely, bored housewife can’t help but be annoyed by her neighbor’s loud rap music along with his wild parties throughout the day. She can even hear women moaning in his backyard in the evenings and sometimes in the middle of the day! When her husband is off to work, no doubt set to come home late again, she decides to head over to her neighbor’s place and lodge a complaint.

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At the Bar

The first of another series of mine, Cuckold Nights. Starting At the Bar.

Amy accidentally stumbled upon her husband’s secret stash of adult videos and is confused by some of the titles. There’s a constant reference to an acronym, BBC, and a word she’s not familiar with, cuckold. She decides to try watching one and is stunned to see it’s an amateur film with a white woman and a well hung black man‚Ķ with the white woman’s husband filming!

She’s stunned and yet enthralled by the footage, and doesn’t realize when her husband walks in. An awkward silence fills the air before Amy questions her husband on exactly what the footage is. He meekly responds to her, admitting that its his fantasy to see her with a black man, like in the amateur movie. Amy struggles to understand her husband’s fantasy but as she glances at the paused footage, she feels her body growing warm at the sight of the black man’s impressive member.

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Satyr’s Seduction – The Realms of War Side Quests

The Realms of War may have ended, but there are still side quests that have tales to tell.  Genevieve is a member of the Followers of the Light, located in an isolated mountain within Khaldor. They have been living in peace, away from conflict for many, many years. She goes out to rejuvenate in one of the many clear streams that roll through the mountain side but is soon enthralled with a heavy sweet scent that overpowers her other scenses.

She sees a Goblin cackling in the distance as he pours some sort of liquid into the stream. Before she can confront him, a huge, muscular red figure with goat-like hind legs and powerful hooves steps out from the bushes. The long two horns atop his head immediately reveal that he is a Satyr.

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