New Release! The Rhythm of Hedonism – Read It Today!

The Rhythm of Hedonism, my first book of a new series, the Jamaican Chronicles, has now been released on Amazon! It’s a Kindle Unlimited Exclusive and only available on Amazon!

Does a seemingly ordinary marriage need a spark? Kristi and Simon are a married couple, living a rather boring day to day life. When Simon ends up making a huge mistake at work, he’s asked to take a bit of time away and possibly find a new position. This gives the couple a bit of time to talk about their future and they realize this may be the best time to blow off some steam and finally take some well needed vacation… to the Carribean.

Once they arrive in Jamaica, Kristi learns about Simon’s fantasies and they decide to head to a luxurious nudist resort, for a getaway meant to rekindle their romance. What they find is far more. As inhibitions melt away under the Caribbean sun, they meet some well built Jamaicans, who awaken a desire Kristi never knew existed. Boundaries blur as they explore their sexuality, both together and with the new black men they meet along the way, in the resort’s uninhibited atmosphere. This isn’t just a vacation; it’s a journey of rediscovery, filled with passion, unexpected connections, and the thrilling realization that pleasure can come in many forms.

Published by

Trevon Carter

My name is Trevon Carter and I’m just a simple black man that likes to listen to stories and write. I’ve never been much in the educated side of the house but writing has always been something I’d enjoyed. Growing up in the projects, I’d always been told that I’d end up dead or on the streets killing, but I managed to get out of that world. After getting out of school, moving, and striving for a better life, I’ve found out that being a black man definitely has its advantages, especially in bed.

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