A Tough Decision – Kindle Unlimited

As a writer, one of the most exciting moments is when your work is finally published and available for others to read. And in today’s digital age, there are countless options for publishing and distributing your work.

For my latest series, The Suburban Chronicles, I made the decision to publish exclusively with Amazon through their Kindle Unlimited program. While there were certainly other options on the table, I ultimately chose Amazon for a few reasons.

First and foremost, the ease of publishing through Amazon was a major factor. From uploading my manuscript to setting up my author page, the process was straightforward and user-friendly.

But perhaps the biggest reason I chose Kindle Unlimited was the potential for expanding my audience. With millions of Prime members around the world, publishing with Amazon gives me the opportunity to reach a wide and diverse group of readers.

As a writer, connecting with readers is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. And with Kindle Unlimited, I have the opportunity to do just that on a global scale.

So if you’re a writer considering publishing options, I highly recommend giving Kindle Unlimited a closer look. The ease of publishing and potential for expanding your audience make it a great choice for any writer.

Happy Independence Day!

To visitors and readers in the United States, Happy Independence Day! It’s been and still is one hell of a crazy year (and we’re only halfway through!), but I hope we can all band together and at least celebrate when America was founded. And while fireworks might not be allowed in some places and the usual BBQs are probably out of the question with the virus, I hope people can at least spend time with their loved ones.

My Own Blog

Love this blog for announcing books but I’ve started my own blog to talk about my life in general, whether it be as an author or a human being. I’ll still be posting my book releases here but for my muses, you can check out trevoncarter.com.

I think Jenna is spinning something up soon too and hopefully this new tech guy can help us all out in the coming few months.

Keep safe ya’ll and keep it real!

Back Operational – Keep Safe!

Hi everyone, hope you’re all staying safe out there! We had a bit of a problem with our tech support and the site was not really operational for a long time now. None of the authors for PEAR Stories are really tech savvy, except maybe Trevon, but after some searching, background checking and reviewing, we found someone who fixed things up!

We’ll each try to keep everyone updated on releases, you may seem some posts of previous releases as we bring things up to date. I personally have not been able to write as much due to the coronovirus situation. A lot of personal commitments that are taking away from my time. Regardless, I hope everyone is staying safe out there! Be careful, stay clean!

– Jenna