The Hidden Caverns: Book 1 of The Lost Civilization

Imagine a world without fear, where people no longer are frightened by past historic traumas that stop them from attaining new heights of glory, and have the capability to do more than they ever thought.

That’s the world that Mark Carson, CEO and Founder of a startup called Techiatry, wants to build. Amy London, a 20 year old, new intern, is finally getting a chance a paid opportunity by joining Techiatry. She’s excited that she can finally use her skills in biology while also being paid for an internship for once.

She, along with a large group of other new interns, are flown to a mysterious, unknown location, where the CEO has created one of the most secretive lab institutes in the world. There, she’s set to study a strange liquid that seems to have the capability to help people be more influenced by psychiatric help. Mixed along with researcher are other interns, who seem more focused on partying and living the start up life, something she’s not that interested in.

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Brooke Undercover – Brooklyn Fights

The end of this Brooke Undercover trilogy. Someday I may come back to this genre to revisit Brooke.

Brooke’s cover has been blown and all her investigative work has gone straight to hell. She has nowhere to go as her own undercover team has been arrested by a corrupt deputy colonel. With only a soon to be discovered safehouse left, Brooke has her back against the wall.

Her only option left is to fight back with whatever she has left. She knows she won’t be able to take on the gang she was investigating but she can bring down the cop that put her and her team in this position. But the only way to get to him is to first figure out what his connection is with the lawyer that blew her cover…

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Brooke Undercover – Brooklyn Heights

The second part of my first crime thriller. Brooke is deep undercover and she’s been promoted to manage a more prestigious gang territory, Brooklyn Heights. She hasn’t heard from her own squadron in a while, and she’s got quite a lot to tell them. Her instincts tell her that something is wrong but she knows she has to ignore them if she wants to survive.

Lamar and Marcus aren’t like the usual run of the mill gangsters she’s used to. As she becomes more engrossed in their lives, she begins to wonder if they’re getting outside help. They’ve split their empire into multiple gangs, with no true center that she can pinpoint. In addition, they’ve built several businesses of their own to launder their money.

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Brooke Undercover – Brooklyn Nights

Sup, this was book one of my first foray into crime, police thrillers with some interracial mixed in. Brooke is a beat cop in New Jersey. She’s from a family of cops, starting with her grandfather and she’s damn proud of it. When the New York Police Department suffers a horrible cybersecurity breach that reveals all their undercover agents, the Captain of Brooke’s precinct asks her if she wants to help.

She is a bit hesitant at first, having never gone undercover, but Captain Bolt reassures her that she has the skills to succeed. When she agrees, Captain Bolt informs her that they are running on very limited information. Per the NYPD the breach was from hackers, hired by a mysterious gang that has slowly engulfed Brooklyn. The NYPD don’t even have a main suspect, or even a name on the gang.

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