The Visit

Kate and Joe have been living a bit of a mundane married life. Joe’s new manager Hugh has been putting more and more time consuming projects on his plate. He’s been leaving early and coming home late. Their levels of intimacy have been going downhill and lately, with Joe’s time being sucked up at work, it’s only been worse.

Joe’s college football friend, Roderick, is coming over during the weekend for a visit. He and Joe haven’t met since they graduated and he’s in town for business. Kate urges Joe to have a guy’s night out with Roderick.

Unfortunately, after Roderick arrives, Joe is called in for some last minute weekend work. When Joe is out, Kate accidentally stumbles on Roderick working out in the guestroom after he has taken a shower. He’s only wearing a towel covering his lower body and she catches sight of his manhood. There was a reason his nickname was Big Black Rod in college and Kate wants to take it for a spin…

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Jane Snow

Loves chocolate but more importantly, she loves chocolate, ebony men. Their hot, muscular glistening bodies get her juices flowing and put her mind in the clouds of ecstasy. She loves fantasizing about big black men and sharing her fantasies with you. Enjoys writing first person interracial urban erotica.

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