The Alpha Boss

Sara Coxin presents The Alpha Boss:

Peter works as an executive assistant for Jordan, a highly successful vice president of information technology. The two have a good working relationship until their department is audited. Peter had asked for a reschedule of a meeting once, on behalf of Jordan, and the CFO chewed his boss out.

When Peter has to try and fit in a meeting request from audit in the next week and he’s clueless as to what he can do. Jordan’s calendar is fully packed with meetings that were sent months in advance. Peter knows that if he asks to move out the audit meeting outside of the two weeks they requested, that Jordan would most likely be reamed out by the CFO again.

Peter stops by Jordan’s office and asks what he should do. To his surprise, Jordan snaps, angrily asking why he hired Peter if he can’t manage a schedule. Peter soon finds that Jordan is having problems, not necessarily work related. Jordan opens up, letting Peter know that while he’s married to a beautiful blonde woman, it was not due to love but due to pressure from his family.

He’s from the Deep South, and he’s been in the closet for a long time. Peter is surprised by the revelation and soon the two start to get closer and closer…

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