NEW RELEASE – The Hot First Night – Dallas Hotwives Club Part 1

Marcus and Willis are brothers of a young black genius starting his own startup. They uprooted their lives to support him, moving to Austin, becoming Vice Presidents of the startup and doing the best they can to help grow the little company. Along with them are 4 other black men who all moved to Austin. Marcus and Willis have planned a long weekend vacation with their staff, letting their youngest brother and CEO, Dwayne, have some time on his own to get ready for a big presentation for a well known investor.

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The Hidden Caverns – 72% Discount

Hey everyone, my latest release, The Hidden Caverns, Book One of The Lost Civilization, will be on sale starting tomorrow, January 27, 2023, in the U.S. market. It’s a Kindle Unlimted deal that will be kicking off, similar to what Trevon is doing.

The following discounts will apply for the week:

  • Starting January 27 – 99 cents! 72% DISCOUNT
  • Starting January 29 – $1.99
  • Starting January 31 – $2.99

It starts at a steep discount but will rise over the week, so please be sure to get it as soon as possible!


The Hidden Caverns: Book 1 of The Lost Civilization

Imagine a world without fear, where people no longer are frightened by past historic traumas that stop them from attaining new heights of glory, and have the capability to do more than they ever thought.

That’s the world that Mark Carson, CEO and Founder of a startup called Techiatry, wants to build. Amy London, a 20 year old, new intern, is finally getting a chance a paid opportunity by joining Techiatry. She’s excited that she can finally use her skills in biology while also being paid for an internship for once.

She, along with a large group of other new interns, are flown to a mysterious, unknown location, where the CEO has created one of the most secretive lab institutes in the world. There, she’s set to study a strange liquid that seems to have the capability to help people be more influenced by psychiatric help. Mixed along with researcher are other interns, who seem more focused on partying and living the start up life, something she’s not that interested in.

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The Forsaken Deal – The Realms of War Side Quests

The Realms of War may have ended, but there are still more side quests that have tales to tell.

Catherine follows along her Captain’s lead into a mysterious cave. The rest of their forces remain outside as her Captain has something specific to show Catherine. When the two make their way deeper into the cave, they see a small light. Her Captain believes it is a small Horde camp that the two of them can take out.

When the Captain takes the lead and asks her to wait nearby, a Goblin surprises Catherine. She readies to attack him when a strong, sweet smell hits her. Her body trembles with anticipation and her eyes immediately dart to the small loincloth covering the Goblin’s crotch. The little monster’s long, hard member pokes out and Catherine can barely contain herself!

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Pleasing the Ogre – The Realms of War Side Quests

The Realms of War may have ended, but there are still more side quests that have tales to tell.

Ariana, a soldier of the remnants from a village named Relve, tries to keep her survivors safe from the Horde that roams the lands. As the sun sets and darkens the skies, fires sprout from the smoldering remains and a strange scent fills the air.

She heads out to follow the scent, her body moving on its own until she sees a small fire pit nearby. The ground trembles near her and she hears voices in the distance. Quickly hiding behind some bushes, she contemplates her next move.

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Happy Independence Day!

To visitors and readers in the United States, Happy Independence Day! It’s been and still is one hell of a crazy year (and we’re only halfway through!), but I hope we can all band together and at least celebrate when America was founded. And while fireworks might not be allowed in some places and the usual BBQs are probably out of the question with the virus, I hope people can at least spend time with their loved ones.

Satyr’s Seduction – The Realms of War Side Quests

The Realms of War may have ended, but there are still side quests that have tales to tell.  Genevieve is a member of the Followers of the Light, located in an isolated mountain within Khaldor. They have been living in peace, away from conflict for many, many years. She goes out to rejuvenate in one of the many clear streams that roll through the mountain side but is soon enthralled with a heavy sweet scent that overpowers her other scenses.

She sees a Goblin cackling in the distance as he pours some sort of liquid into the stream. Before she can confront him, a huge, muscular red figure with goat-like hind legs and powerful hooves steps out from the bushes. The long two horns atop his head immediately reveal that he is a Satyr.

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False Peace – New Release!

A new series starts as The Reign of Peace begins in the recovered lands of Erun!

Peace has reigned through the lands after the fall of the Horde and its leaders the Lich King and Lord Lazarus. The Humans have separated, mainly into the Alliance, composed of four kingdoms, and the Tudorian Empire. The Elves have rebuilt within their own lands as the Kingdom of Aurelias.

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Back Operational – Keep Safe!

Hi everyone, hope you’re all staying safe out there! We had a bit of a problem with our tech support and the site was not really operational for a long time now. None of the authors for PEAR Stories are really tech savvy, except maybe Trevon, but after some searching, background checking and reviewing, we found someone who fixed things up!

We’ll each try to keep everyone updated on releases, you may seem some posts of previous releases as we bring things up to date. I personally have not been able to write as much due to the coronovirus situation. A lot of personal commitments that are taking away from my time. Regardless, I hope everyone is staying safe out there! Be careful, stay clean!

– Jenna

The End of Alliances – New Release!

The penultimate book of the Realms of War is here! The exciting conclusion of the Realms of War is here!  The Horde has been split and weakened but Lord Lazarus has found the key to freeing the Lich King.  Meanwhile, Aewyn and the remaining survivors are left waiting until the Druids are ready to help.  Time is ticking and unfortunately for the survivors it isn’t only the Horde that has been causing havoc… Continue reading The End of Alliances – New Release!