Backstage Pass – New Book!

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Lisa is surprised when her sister let’s her know that she has a ticket and a backstage pass to one of her most favorite rappers, Chauncery. Luckily for her, her sister can’t make it and gives her both the ticket and the pass. Lisa can’t believe it, but she takes it and heads on out to see the thick, muscular, tattooed rapper of her dreams…

After the concert, she heads backstage and meets with some of the rappers who started off the show. She soon meets Chauncery and he invites her over to check out the sound booth in the back. When Lisa enters the sound proofed booth, she seductively invites her favorite rapper in. Things get hot as she teases the black man and soon her moans of lust are held back by the thick sound proofed walls of the booth…

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Jane Snow

Loves chocolate but more importantly, she loves chocolate, ebony men. Their hot, muscular glistening bodies get her juices flowing and put her mind in the clouds of ecstasy. She loves fantasizing about big black men and sharing her fantasies with you. Enjoys writing first person interracial urban erotica.

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