Her First African – New Release!

Rising up from straight outta nowhere to come out with a hot new series, The African Chronicles. Starting with the first of many, Her First African.

Ian is asked to visit a tribe near South Africa to help spread a religious message. He brings his wife, Gwen along so that she can have a different experience in life. When the two arrive, Gwen is stunned to see the statuesque bodies of the African tribesmen.

More surprising for her is the powerful rods they possess on their lower body. She and Ian are from the Deep South, where her parents forbade her from dating anyone who was not white. Little did she know that skin color could cause such a size discrepancy with someone’s manhood.

She’s introduced to a female guide, Ada, who speaks basic English and notices that Gwen may not experiencing the full pleasures a man can give. Ada starts Gwen on a path where once she’s gone black, she won’t be able to go back…

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Published by

Trevon Carter

My name is Trevon Carter and I’m just a simple black man that likes to listen to stories and write. I’ve never been much in the educated side of the house but writing has always been something I’d enjoyed. Growing up in the projects, I’d always been told that I’d end up dead or on the streets killing, but I managed to get out of that world. After getting out of school, moving, and striving for a better life, I’ve found out that being a black man definitely has its advantages, especially in bed.

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