Doctor Insatiable – New Release!

A new release and a start to a new trilogy… Doctor Insatiable!

Doctor Insatiable

Doctor Laura Hood is not looking forward to another hectic day at the hospital when her coworker stops by. He asks if she can take one of his patients due to a double booking made by one of the nurses. She reluctantly agrees on the condition that he owed her one in return.Laura is surprised When her nurse walks in with a huge ebony man with a statuesque body. Lamar is his name and he’s got a bit of pain in his lower abdomen. She runs her hand along his powerful muscular abs, and then lower… and lower… until he has to pull down his pants. Even as a Doctor, she’s stunned at the sheer size of his manhood.

When its time for her to perform a closer examination, she get’s up close and personal and things get hot and wild quick!

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Jane Snow

Loves chocolate but more importantly, she loves chocolate, ebony men. Their hot, muscular glistening bodies get her juices flowing and put her mind in the clouds of ecstasy. She loves fantasizing about big black men and sharing her fantasies with you. Enjoys writing first person interracial urban erotica.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Insatiable – New Release!”

  1. Hi Jane,
    Love your books..!…was wondering if you could do a “Doctor Insatiable” or similar and she would go to Africa and wants to be gangbanged by the longest, biggest black cocks by 20-30 tribesmen. Then at the end does a amazing gokkun style cum swallow because she wants to feel the “fullness” of Africa.

    1. Thank you Richard! I can definitely put a story around a trip to Africa as something on the project list. Be on the lookout!

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