PEAR Stories has a home!

PEAR Stories, a small publisher formed by a group of like-minded independent authors, now has a home online!  This is a whole new step in our journey!

Stay tuned for a better layout, and more posts from myself as well as other indie-authors that have joined me!

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Jenna Powers

Jenna Powers is a sultry executive assistant by day who lets her fantasies come true through erotica writing by night.

2 thoughts on “PEAR Stories has a home!”

  1. Hi Jenna,

    I was wondering if you could do a fantasy interracial gangbang with 50 to 100 tribesmen with huge cocks.Then then the girl would be forced to swallow every single drop. Trapped on a island and forced to serve the tribemen for a year after her father abused the tribe and took their money.So the daughter volunteers to repay…..just a story similar to this one. I will pay separate for this if you want to…I have paypal


    1. Hi Richard,

      Thank you for the suggestion! I’m currently drafting up a continuation to my fantasy series but let me speak with Trevon and see if he wants to help collaborate/co-author a story that you (and similar like-minded readers) would enjoy. Unfortunately, many of the vendors PEAR Stories publishes to have some vague restrictions so we’d have to tone down any mention or usage of force. Thank you again and hope you continue to enjoy our works!

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