Tales from Africa Volume 1 – 91% BIG Discount

I wanted to let my readers know that starting tomorrow, June 7, 2024, in the U.S. market, that a Kindle Unlimted deal will be kicking off. One of the deals will be for the first bundled volume of Tales from Africa series.

That means the following discounts will apply for the week:

  • Starting June 7 – 99 cents! 91% DISCOUNT
  • Starting June 8 – $1.99
  • Starting June 10 – $2.99
  • Starting June 11 – $3.99
  • Starting June 12 – $4.99

As you can see, it starts cheap and then goes up from there so get in early!

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Trevon Carter

My name is Trevon Carter and I’m just a simple black man that likes to listen to stories and write. I’ve never been much in the educated side of the house but writing has always been something I’d enjoyed. Growing up in the projects, I’d always been told that I’d end up dead or on the streets killing, but I managed to get out of that world. After getting out of school, moving, and striving for a better life, I’ve found out that being a black man definitely has its advantages, especially in bed.

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